G.K In English 30 May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Why is the color of milk light yellow? Causes of carotene
2. The cultivation of which of the following crops is limited to the Northern Hemisphere →
3. 'Potwar Plateau' is located in which of the following countries → Pakistan
4. What 'Five Year Plan' has not been completely unsuccessful → Third Plan
5. Which of the following industries used the highest amount of sulfur → Chemical industry
6. According to Census 2001, which of the following states of India is most populous after Uttar Pradesh → Maharashtra
7. Volcano Mountain 'Mount St. Helles' is located → Where is USA
8. Which is the smallest planet in the solar system → Mercury Planet
9. Where is the largest vessel premises in India? → Kochi
10. When there is a sudden drop in the 'barometer' read, what condition indicates → storm weather

11. Which one of the Indian states has minimum forest area? → Haryana

12. What was previously known as Japan → Nippon
13. Which of the following items imported by India in the year 2000-2001 was in the currency of the currency → pearl and precious stones
14. The percentage of the spread of one of the forest areas of the world is highest → Temperate conifer forest
15. Where is the world's highest telescope observatory located → In India
16. Where is the highly probable 'RAVA Aghagat' section of oil located in Krishna-Godavari Dori
17. Earth's age is measured by what method → ​​uranium law
18. Where is the best kind of marble found →
19. Windsets from the High Pressure Area to the Mediterranean Sea → Business Winds
20. Which is the smallest continent → Australia continent

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