G.K In English 29th May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
 1. In which war was the foundation of Mughal State in India? – First War of Panipat
2. Who was the patron of Akbar in his youth? - Bairam Khan
3. When did the fall of Akram's patron, Bairam Khana? - in 1560 AD
4. Did the incident of Mahavat Khan's rebellion occurred during Shah Jahan or not? - No
5. In whose time did Kandhara leave forever by the hands of the Mughals? - jahangir
6. What was Shivaji's last military campaign? - Karnataka Campaign
7. Where was the capital of Shivaji's kingdom? - Raigarh
8. The famous Chetak horse is related to whom? - Rana Pratap
9. Where did the British set up their first factory in 1612 AD? - face

10. Was the greatest Portuguese governor in India to have the true foundation of Portuguese power? - Albuquerque
11. What was the name of the Muslim name of the Mughal ruler Ali Gauhar? - Shah Alam II
12. The original name of which Mughal emperor was Raushan Akhtar? - Muhammad Shah
13. Who started the policy of state abduction? - Lord Dalhousie
14. In the east of the 20th century, where was the country's worst famine in 1942-43? - Bengal
15. Was the original name of Swami Vivekananda? - Narendranath Dutt
16. English education in India was applied by whom? -william bantric
17. Where is the headquarters of the Ramkrishna Mission? - Velur
18. Who was the founder of the Ramkrishna Mission? - Swami Vivekanand
19. Where was 'All India Kisan Sabha' organized first? - Lucknow
20. Who was the leader of the Munda Revolution of 1899-1900? - Birsa Munda
21. Who was the leader of the Bareilly Rebellion of 1857? - Khan Bahadur
22. Who led the Gadar of Kanupar? - Nana Sahib
23. Which Indian National Congress was formed during the tenure of the Governor General? - Lord Dufferin
24. Which year was the establishment of Indian National Congress? In 1885
25. What were the means of the methodology of Liberals? - Prayer, solicitation and protest

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