G.K In English 28th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Where did Mahatma Gandhi start his Dundee journey from?
(a) Dandi (b) Sabarmati (c) Champaran (d) South Africa (Ans: b)

2. In which city was the incident of famous Jallianwala Bagh?
(a) Patiala (b) Chandigarh (c) Amritsar (d) Jalandhar (Ans: c)

3. Who gave the slogan "Inquilab Jindabad"?
(a) Subhash Chandra Bose (b) Sardar Bhagat Singh (c) Chandrasekhar Azad (d) Muhammad Iqbal (Ans: b)

4. Which of the following river falls in the Arabian Sea?
(a) Kaveri (b) Krishna (c) Godavari (d) Indus (Ans: d)
5. Which is the largest state of India from the area's viewpoint?
(a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Rajasthan (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Maharashtra (Ans: b)

6. What is 'zoom'?
(a) A type of tribal dance (b) One type of farming
(c) A type of wind (d) A type of festival (Ans: b)

7. 'The heart of Indian Constitution' Who has been said to the following?
(a) Religious freedom (b) Right to equality
(c) Right to constitutional remedies (d) Introduction (Ans: c)

8. In which states, the President's rule is imposed under which article of the Constitution?
(a) Paragraph-352 (b) Paragraph-356 (c) Paragraph-360 (d) Article -370 (Ans: b
9. Whether a bill is a bill or not, who does it say?
(a) President (b) Lok Sabha Speaker (c) Prime Minister (d) Vice President (Ans: b)

10. Who among the following started the Bhoodan movement?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Vinoba Bhave (c) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (d) Jaiprakash Narayan (Ans: b)

11. There is a date of commencement of financial year in India-
(a) March 1 (b) January 1 (c) April 1 (d) November 1 (Ans: c)

12. Which of the following banks belongs to the private sector?
(a) Vijaya Bank (b) Syndicate Bank (c) Indian Overseas Bank (d) Unit Trust of India (Ans: d)
13. India's national income is estimated to work?
(a) Planning Commission (b) Ministry of Finance (c) National Development Council (d) Central Statistical Organization (Ans: d)

14. The speed of a supersonic aircraft is-
(a) equal to the move of the sound (b) less than the movement of the sound
(c) More than the movement of the sound (d) equal to the movement of light (Ans: c)

15. The 'light year' of which of the following is the unit?
(a) move (b) energy (c) distance (d) time (ans: c)

16. The measurement of pure gold is-
(a) 18 carat (b) 20 carat (c) 22 carat (d) 24 carat (Ans: d
17. In which of the following cities will the Commonwealth Games be organized in 2010?
(a) Manchester (b) Kuala Lumpur (c) New Delhi (d) Sydney (Ans: c)

18. In which city was the former coach Bob Bulmer born?
(a) Jaipur (b) Kanpur (c) mumbai (d) Motihari (Ans: b)

19. Where did Gautama Buddha give his message?
(a) Understood (b) Lumbini (c) Kushinagar (d) Sarnath (Ans: d)

20. Which of the following Chinese traveler Huansang traveled to India during his reign?
(a) Chandragupta II (b) Samudragupta (c) Harshavardhana (d) Kanishka (Ans: c)

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