G.K In English 27th May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. Which of the following is called 'Pitamah of classical'? --- Carl Warne Linnaeus
2. What is the basic unit of classification? --- Specchage
3. Who first invented bacteria? --- Lewen Hawk
4. What is the real nucleus which is absent? --- in bacteria
5. Does food poisoning occur? --- by Clostridium Bautolinum
6. Which of the following crops are helpful in the stabilization of nitrogen? --- Fodder (Beans)
7. Which of the following is caused by bacteria? --- leprosy
8. Cooling of the substances containing micro bacteria is a process, which is the work - to inactivate the bacteria.
9. The reason for frozen milk curd is - - Lactobacillus
10. What are the fungi that grow on the bark of trees? - Corticolles
11. Which of the following is the cause of scabies' scabies? - Fungus
12. Which two square plants are made by the licenses? - Fungus and algae
13. Who are the lichens indicator? - Air Pollution
14. In place of the root is found in 'Mulabhaas'? - In Bryophyte
15. What are the most commonly found in chromosomes? - In pteridophytes
16. Which of the following is a living fossil? -Sykes
17. Which plant is found in the respiratory origin? - In Jussia
18. Who does 'sago' get from? - from saikas
19. Which of the following is not a root? - potato
20. Columns are root - Premature roots
21. The roots grow from which part? - From Mulanakur
22. What is a type of carrot? - root
23. What is the edible part of the turmeric plant? - Prana
24. What is the change on the onion?
25. Electricity is supplied in homes at 220 volt. 220 volt displays? - Average voltage

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