G.K In English 27th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. What is processed data? - Output
2. CPUs are in ALU - Register
3. Processor consists of three main parts - ALU, control unit and register
4. A microprocessor which is the brain of the computer is called - Microchip
5. What kind of computer is Micro Processor? -thruth
6. Who is the parent of the computer? - Charles Beavez
7. What is the layer of matter on the magnetic disk? - iron oxide
8. Expansions are inserted into the card - slot
9. Thin plate or board with electronic components is called - Circuit board
1o The circuit board that contains the CPU and other chips, is called - motherboard
11. Which port connects to a special type of music device with sound cards? - MIDI
12. Pascal is - a language of computer
13. Who is the first language developed for programming? - FORTRON
14. Those languages ​​which are kept separate by programming languages ​​for their own use - Reserved Words
15. The first language developed for the program - Fortran
16. The players who have been kept separate by programming language for their own use - Reserved Words
17. The first language developed for the program- Fotrron
18. A program is called a picture display - flowchart
19. Which computer language is FORTRAN useful? - Science
20. Which computer language is COBOL useful for? - Commercial work
21. Machine Language Uses - Numeric Code
22. To develop multimedia webpage website and web based application
The most popular language is - Java
23. Computer language used in the Internet - Java
24. An operating system called Unix is ​​used in a special way - in web servers
25. Which printer prints a letter in a stroke? - Dot matrix printer

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