G.K In English 22nd May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. According to the third law of Newton's motion, the force related to action and reaction --- should always be engaged on different objects.
2. 'There is a reaction in the opposite and opposite direction of each action.' This is --- Newton's Third Rule Theory
3. Whose study is done in mycology? --- fungus
4. Swimming in water is possible due to Newton's law of motion? --- Third Rule
5. 'Any body will remain in restlessness only till no external force acts upon it.' Whose statement is this? --- Newton
6. The nucleon name is usually for whom? - Proton and neutron
7. Positron is a - the corona-electron
8. What is the agroforestry? - Applying semi-perennial tree on the same land along with agriculture
9. Which of the following is studied in Exo-biology? - Life of outer planets and space
10. Monazite whose ore is? - Thorium
11. Skating in the snow demonstrates that ice melting - reduces pressure on increasing pressure
12. Stainless steel is an alloy, while the air is a - mix
13. Environmental study is done under which branch of biology? - ecology
14. What is the science of enhancement of flowers? - Floor Culture
15. Acceleration generated in any body by an unbalanced force - is proportional to the force.
16. Which of the following is a temporary particle - Neutron
17. The components of atomic nuclei are: proton and neutrons
18. The study related to the promotion of decorative trees and shrubs is called - Arboriculture
19. Which lens is used in the eyeglasses of the person suffering from near vision? - Concave lens
20. Which lens is used in the eyeglasses of a person suffering from a blind spot? - convex lens
21. Bauxite is the leading ore of which of the following? - aluminum
22. Carnalite whose mineral is? - Magnesium
23. Whose ore is 'gun metal'? - Copper, tin and zinc
24. What is the reason for garlic's characteristic odor? - Sulfur compounds
25. Is water easily soluble? - nitrogen

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