G.K In English 20th May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. The highest salinity in the world is found in which lake? - in von lake
2. In which field did Nandalal Bose earn a reputation? - painting
3. Which is the largest river flowing in India? - Ganges
4. Who gave the title of 'Nawab' to the Mughal emperor? - Clive
5. What is the stupa symbolized in Buddhism? - Mahaparinirvana
6. Who is the exponent of the Advaitist theory? - Shankaracharya
7. Kolleru Lake is located in which state? - come. Q.
8. How many fundamental rights were given to Indian citizens by the Indian Constitution? - 7
9. Where did the Mughals take Navroz festival? - From Parsis
10. Who laid the foundation of Lingaraj Temple? - Yayati Kesari
11. What principle does nuclear power plant work on? - Fission
12. The Bordeaux port of France is situated on the banks of which river? - Geron
13. Fatehpur Sikri is located in which state? - Uttar Pradesh
14. Where is the famous cultural center 'Bharat Bhawan' situated? - In Bhopal
15. Where is the famous Jag Mandal lake situated? - In Rajasthan
16. Who was the political guru and patron of Shivaji? - Dadaji Kandev
17. Where is the famous 'Buddhist Stupa of Borobudur' located? - in java
18. Where is 'Indian School of Mining' (ISM) located? - Dhanbad
19. Which two rivers are India's most navigable? - Ganga and Brahmaputra
20. What year was separated from the general budget of the Railway Budget? - In 1924
21. Which language is mentioned in the Mughal period? - Urdu
22. How is the script for inscriptions of Ashoka? - Brahmi
23. Rainell waterfowl is the stream of which ocean? - Atlantic Ocean
24. What is the value of pH of acid solution? - Less than 7
25. Which was the first serial sponsored by Doordarshan? - we people

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