G.K In English 20th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

● The point of sale of something is called Economist - Consumption point
● Who controls the fulfillment of the currency of India - Reserve Bank of India
● What is direct exchange - commodity exchange + currency exchange
● What is the exchange through currency - buy-sell
● Which action is called the link between production and consumer - exchange
● Barter is an economic process called - demand = fulfillment
● What is the award given to the landlord instead of the use of land?
● Which product is a free gift of nature - Land
● Interest - What is the person taking risks in his business - courageous
● Interest is given in lieu of what means - in lieu of capital
● What is direct tax - income tax
● What is the state government imposing - doing business
● What is the source of municipal income - home tax
● What is the main source of livelihood of India's population - agriculture
● What is the example of the handloom industry - cottage industries
● What is the meaning of financial planning - proper utilization of resources
● India's Legislation is currency - rupee
● What is meant by the government stopping the old currency and running a new currency - monetization
● How many times the rupee has been depreciated after independence - 3 times
● Which is the country's largest commercial bank - State Bank
● What does the echork symbol indicate on an object - environmentally friendly
● When the Securities Regulatory Board was established in India - 1988 AD
● Financial planning is the topic of - concurrent list
● How can prevent inflation - by saving budget, increasing the taxation of direct, cutting government expenditure
● Who influences effective market share - SEBI
● Who wrote the book 'Desire for India' - M. Visvesvaraya
● Where the Central Government receives the most net revenue - from customs duty
● Who gave the principle of consumer savings - Alfred Marshall
● Where is the central agmark laboratory - Nagpur
● In which country most cooperatives are in the world - in India
● Who developed the method of computing the social accounting of national income - Richard Stone
● When there is a reaction with a monetary value rather than the actual value of an object, then what is called it - the illusion
● The credit currency is known by what other name - voluntary currency
● What is the payment balance related to the import-export of a country - trade balance
● What is Super 301 - the legal stream of US business
● When did the Employees State Insurance Scheme in India begin - in 1952 AD
● The Golden Handshake Scream is related to - voluntary retirement
● When the central revenue board was split in India, the establishment of Central Board of Excise and Customs came into existence - 1963 AD.
● What is called National Accounting Statistics - white paper
● Words and words related to whom - from the stock market

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