G.K In English 19th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Was the main equality in the life philosophy of Buddha and Meerabai? - The world is sad

2. What was started by Bhakti movement? - Alwar-Nayanar by saints

3. During the Bhakti movement, who represented this movement in Assam? - Shankardev

4. The devotees of Tukaram were contemporaries of Emperor? - Jahangir

5. Where did the famous Sufi Salim Chishti live? - Fatehpur Sikri

6. Where was the woman Sufi Rabia? - Basra

7. What is the sign of the greatness of the Sher Shah? - Administrative Reforms
8. Who was the Grand Trunk Road built in India? - Sher Shah Suri

9. Where is the tomb of famous musicologist Tansen? - in Gwalior

10. The Mughal emperor who was sati of Sati? - Akbar

11. In which war was the foundation of the Mughal State in India? - First War of Panipat

12. Who was the patron of Akbar in his youth? - Bairam Khan

13. When did the fall of Akram's patron, Bairam Khan? - in 1560 AD

14. Did the incident of Mahavat Khan's rebellion occurred during Shah Jahan or not? - No

15. In whose time did Kandhara leave forever by the hands of the Mughals? - jahangi
16. What was Shivaji's last military campaign? - Karnataka Campaign

17. Where was the capital of Shivaji's kingdom? - Raigarh

18. The famous Chetak horse is related to whom? - Rana Pratap

19. Where did the British set up their first factory in 1612 AD? - face

20. What was the greatest Portuguese governor of Portuguese who had the right foundation of Portuguese power in India? - Albuquerque

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