G.K In English 18th May 2018

BY: D.K Chaudhary

1. The biggest eyes of which mammals
it occurs? - the deer
2. Today the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2)
Is the country with the most contribution? -
United States
3. In which of the following industries, asbestos
Used as raw material? - Electricity
4. Who invented the electric press
Was it? - Henry Shele
5. The food cooker gets cooked fast in the pressure cooker,
Because? - pressure inside the pressure cooker more
it happens
6. Boiling point of water on increasing pressure? - increases
7. 'Equal and opposite direction of each action
There is a reaction in it. 'This is Newton's -
Third rule is
8. Is the enemy element of copper (copper)? - Sulfur
9. When the sun rises and the sun appears red,
Because? - red color scattering lowest
it happens

10. Who discovered the radioactivity
was? - Henry Beckerl
11. Two plane mirrors at each angle of 60 °
Are bent Images of a ball placed between them
What's the number of? - Five
12. Kiss a bubble in the air inside the water
Behaves like that? - A concave lens
13. Kiss in all arrangements of units
Is the unit's volume the same? - Specific
14. If a person is on a plane mirror 4
Coming from the move of meter / second, then in the mirror
What is the reflection of man?
Will it seem? - 8 meters / second
15. The drivers of cars, trucks and buses
Which mirror is next to the seat?
- convex mirror

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