G.K In English 18th July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. The establishment of an independent Hindu State in Kashmir-Kashmir was done by Suhadev in 1301 AD.
In 1339 AD, Shahimar became the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir under the name of Shamsuddin Shah. It made its capital in Indrakote.
2. Which ruler of Kashmir was fanatic? -Sindar
3. Which title did Alexander take? -Butishan
4. Which ruler of Kashmir was famous as Jain ul Awwine? - Shahi Kha
5. Shahi Khan who freed Jasiya from tax? -Hindu
6. Which Indian texts were translated by Shahi Khan in Persian? - Rajatarangini and Mahabharat
7. Jaanpur was founded by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in whose memory? - Your brother Johna Khan
8. Whose Nasiruddin initiated the rule of Shaki dynasty in Jaunpur during Mahmud's reign?
9. Who was the famous ruler of Jaunpur and who defeated him? -Husain Shah defeated Sharki, Baholol Lodi.
10. What was called Jaunpur? - Siraj of India
11. In Gujarat -1407 AD, Zafar Khan assumed the title of Sultan Muzaffar Shah and established an independent state.
12. Ahmad Shah, Ahmedabad city
13. Who founded the Vijayanagara-Vijayanagar empire?
14.Hehar and Bukka-Harihar Bukka, with whose help, established the Vijayanagar empire?
15. Major foreign passenger-passenger times coming to Vijayanagar Country ruler-Nicolò Canti 1420 AD Italy Deorai first-Bijarrujjak 1442 AD
Persian Devaraya II-Noon 1450 AD
Portugal Mallikarjuna-Dimming Pius 1515 AD. The first ruler of Portugal Krishnadev Rai Vijayanagar was Harihar first.
16. Who is sitting on the throne after Harihara?
17. Who built a dam on Tungabhadra river?
18. Devaarai first with whom to marry his daughter? -Bahunni King Firoz Sha
19. Who composed the work of Hariwalaasam? -Telugu poet Srinath
20. Who wrote the commentary on Mahamantaka Sudha Nidhi and Brahmsutra?

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