G.K In English 17th May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. What is the Earth's Galaxy (Galaxy)? - Mandakini
2. What is the group of the most cool and bright stars in the Earth's galaxy? - Orian Nebula
3. What is the value of the day of the planet and the tilt of its axis is equivalent to the daytime and inclination of the Earth? - Neptune's
4. What is the border, outside which the stars are suffering from internal death? - Chandrasekhar Border
5. What is the first asteroid discovered? - Cirrus
6. 'Black Hall theory' by whom? - s. By moon shaker
7. What is the greatest star of the universe? - spinal oregy
8. How many degrees are inclined in the chambers of the earth and the moon? - 5 °
9. What is the brightest star in the sky? - Dog Star
10. Which celestial body is called 'earth son'? - moon
11. What is the reason for the twinkling of stars? - Refraction of light
12. What is the color of the sky due to which sky appears blue? - Due to scattering
13. How far is 'Andromeda' from our galaxy? 2.2 million light-years
14. Which planet was sent to Magellan? - Mars
15. Which planet of the Solar System is closest to the Sun? - Mercury
16. Which planet's size is almost equal to the size of the Earth? - of Venus
17. How much time does light take from the sun to the earth? - 8 mts, 16.6 seconds
18. What does the sky look like for the astronaut? - Black
19. Which star is the closest to the Earth? - Sun
20. What is the pulsar that can roam fast and leave the high waves? - neutron star
21. What is called the explosive star in the universe? - Innovative star
22. What is a celestial distance? - Distance between Earth and Sun
23. Who discovered the solar system? - Copernicus
24. 'Nix Olympia' is the highest mountain in the Solar System on which planet? - on Mars
25. What is the distance of a light year? - 9.46 × 1012 km

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