G.K In English 17th July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. Density in the water body shows the diaphragmation ~ picronucleine
2. India does not have biodiversity hot spot ~ irresponsible
3. The correct sequence of phases of biological sequencing ~ Nunification-migration-displacement-reaction-stabilization
Yamuna Action Plan started in 1993
5. Not conformed ~ Pin Valley - Jammu Kashmir (in Himachal Pradesh).
6. Census 2011 is the lowest difference between male and female literacy percentage ~ Meghalaya
7. The most populous island in India ~ Saltset
8. Senior age dependency ratio in India is ~ 14.2%
9. According to the 2014 National Sample Survey Office's estimates, the percentage of families employed in agriculture in rural households is 57.8%
10. No border from Bangladesh ~ Nagaland
11. Author of Anonymous of Costs ~ Bhim Rao Ambedkar
12. In relation to India, related to patriarchal approach ~ Charles Grant
13. Bainendra Nath Ghosh was related to ~ Anushilan Samiti
14. Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment is located in New Delhi
15. Measures of damage by Hurricane ~ Clean Simpson Scal
16. Not responsible for global warming ~ Organ
17. Earth Conference +5 was held ~ in 1997
18. India's National Climate Change Action Plan is not included in the mission ~ Nuclear power
19. In what country is the constitutional provision of maintaining forest on 70% of the total geographical area ~ Bhutan
20. India's first biological state - Sikkim
21. Census 2011 Most Scheduled Tribes State ~ Madhya Pradesh
22. Census 2011 Last State Kota
23. Highest literacy increase in Bihar between 2001 and 2011 Bihar
24. 2011 Census, the percentage of people aged 20 and above in the total population of India ~ 59.29%
25. Top State to be chosen as a declared Smart City in January 2016 ~ Bhubaneswar


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