G.K in English, 15th March 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

  1. Which country is a citizen of every citizen?

Ans:- Israeli

  1. Which country is the world’s largest office?

Ans:-US Defense Department Pentagon where over 29,000 employees work.

  1. Who is the world’s largest farmer?

Ans:- Brazilian Cole Owner of 2.5 million cattle

  1. In which country the card is invented?

Ans:- China

  1. Who is the richest country in the world?

Ans:-Kuwait, Arab Emirates and Bahrain

  1. Which country does not have income tax?

Ans:-In Monaco (Europe)

  1. Where is the cheapest gold?

Ans:-In London and New York.

  1. In which language did Christ speak?


9.      Which country’s law is considered the most harsh?  

  Ans- Of Saudi Arabia

10. Which country’s people are considered to be more industrious?

Of Japan

11. Where do residents reside in snow houses?

Ans:- Pole region

12. In which country is Alcatra’s lake situated?          

Ans:- In tinidad

13. Which is the world’s oldest newsletter?

Ans:- ‘Official General’ published from Sweden

14. Where is the most library?

Ans:-In India, there are more than 57000 libraries, 10 of which have national importance

15. What kind of material does not burn in the fire?

Ans:-Asbestos |

16. Which city has two month’s day?

Ans:-Hemara Fast (Norway)

17. In which language is the least word in the world?

Ans:- Italia

18. Which is the world’s poorest country?

Ans:-Bhutan, Bangladesh, Chad and Ethiopia are considered.

19. Which country is the worst crime?

Ans:-America is notorious for most crimes


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