G.K In English 14th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. Who was the daughter of Razia Sultan? - of Iltutmish
2. Whom was the historian during the reign of Albaruni? - Mahmoud Ghaznavi
3. Who was the founder of the Lodi dynasty? - Baholol Lodi
4. Where was the capital of Qutubuddin Aibak? - Lahore
5. Who has given detailed account of prevailing postal system in the Sultanate? - Ibn Batuta
6. The new Persian poetry genre was the basis of 'Lesson-A-Hindi' or 'Hindustani' style? - Amri Khusro
7. When was the establishment of the Vijayanagar empire? - 1336 AD
8. Where is Atala Mosque situated? - in Jaunpur
9. Which famous battle took place in 1565 AD? - War of Talacota
10. Which Vijayanagara emperor suppressed the rebel Samant Gangaray of Umtamatur? - Krishnadev Rai
11. Was the main equality in the life philosophy of Buddha and Meerabai? - The world is sad
12. By whom was the beginning of Bhakti movement? - Alwar-Nayanar by saints
13. During the Bhakti movement, who represented this movement in Assam? - Shankardev
14. The devotees of Tukaram were contemporaries of the emperor? - Jahangir
15. Where did the famous Sufi Salim Chishti live? - Fatehpur Sikri
16. Where was the woman Sufi Rabia? - Basra
17. What is the sign of the greatness of Sher Shah? - Administrative Reforms
18. Who made the Grand Trunk Road in India? - Sher Shah Suri
19. Where is the Tomb of the famous musicologist Tansen? - in Gwalior
20. The Mughal emperor who was sati of Sati? - Akbar

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