G.K In English 13th May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Question-01 Sharda Act, which is proposed by Harvishal Sarada, to whom is related?
Answer: Force marriages stop

Question- 02 Why does food cooker cook early in the pressure cooker?
Answer: Having more pressure, the water boils over high heat

Question- 03 Why is wearing white clothes more comfortable in the summer?
Answer: Reasons to reflect all the heat incidents

Question- 04 What is the highest element in the world?
Off nitrogen

Question- 05 What is the reason for the odor to sting the nose with urinals?
Answer: Ammonia related?
Question-07 Victoria Falls is on which river?
North zombie

Question:8  What was the first revisionist movement that started in India in the 08th century?
Answer: Brahma Samaj (Calcutta)

Question- 09 Who was the first Home Minister of India?
Answer: Sardar Patel

Question- 10 Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress?
Answer: Annie Besant

Question- 11 Which is the largest planet in the Solar System?
Answer: Jupiter

Question 12 Which is the state of India whose border touches only one state of India?
North: Sikkim
Question: 13 What is the name of the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
North-Port Blair

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