G.K In English 12th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. According to ancient Indian geographical recognition, India was a part of which island? → Jambudvipu
2. In 1992-1993, whose yield was so abundant that it was considered a record → Pulses
3. What is the 'Neewali thermal power plant' filled with → Tertiary coal
4. If an observer sees stars rising vertically from the horizon, then it is located → on the equator
5. What is the estimated age of Aravali categories → 370 million years
6. Which river is known to change its route → Kosi
7. What is the time taken by India to certify → Allahabad
8. The hypothetical line that divides the earth into two parts, what is called → Equator
9. What are the two major rivers which emerge from the Amarkantak Plateau, but they flow in different directions → Narmada and Son
10. The distance between the two longitude lines is known by which of the following → Gore
11. Which of the rivers is called a 'Destroyer River' → Kosi
12. Which of the following conditions is necessary for good cultivation of wheat → moderate heat and moderate rainfall
13. What is the difference between the standard time of India and Greenwich → 5 hours 30 minutes
14. The place where the authentic time and local time are almost identical → Nanny
15. Which river is called 'the bereaved of Bengal' → Damodar
16. What area is iron area → Kundremukh region
17. Which river falling into the Arabian Sea is the Tapti River
18. Where 'hydropower' is located → Koyna
19. Tawa whose tributary is the river → Narmada
20. What types of valleys in the U shaped area are developed in the area of ​​Himani area
21. Leh is the shortest place in India.
22. Which is the most dreary state in terms of population density in India → Jammu and Kashmir
23. Mount Everest Mountain borders the two countries → Nepal and China
24. The longest national highway (NH-7) is from where → Varanasi to Kanyakumari
25. 'Indira Gandhi Canal' of Rajasthan is derived from what river → from Satluj to Vyas

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