G.K In English 12th July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. invented telescopes-J. L. Baird
2. Radar invented - Taylor and Young
3. Who searched for gravity-Neuton
4. Which acid is in acidity and pickle- Acetic acid
5. Which acid is in citrus and oranges-citric acid
6.Dood is sour-due to lactic acid present in it
7. The inmates have ink in their hands - silver nitrate
8. The earth revolves around its east-west to east
9. Sugar and garlic contain odor - due to potassium present in it
10.x- discovered rays -Rontjan
11. Scooter inventor-Brad Shaw
12. The inventor of Rivolver-colt
13. Depth of sea level by ultimate meter
14.D.N. a. The model of the structure was given-watson and crick
15. The first element to be made in the laboratory-Urea
16. The Smartphone's inventor-Graham Bell
17. First satellite left by India-Arya Bhat
18. Discovering Pencilline-Alexander Fleming
19. Discovering vaccine vaccine-Jenner
20. Biological Sciences-Aristotle
21. The inventor of Dinamite - Alfred Noble
22. The first man to get to the moon-Neil Arm Strong
23. The first man to go into space- Yuri Gagarin
24. Most of the big bone-femur thighs
25. The Largest Flower-Reflexia of the World


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