G.K In English 10th  July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. What is the name of the green pigment in the leaves?
Answer: Chlorophyll
2. What is the structural component of chlorophyll?
Answer: Magnesium
3. What is the maximum amount of light synthesis in light of light?
Answer: In red light
4. Which substances are called raw material of photosynthesis?
Answer: Water and carbon dioxide
5. What are the living organisms that make photosynthesis?
Answer: Autotrophic
6. What is the number of nutrients in plants?
Answer: 17
7. Who were the recipients of plant nutrients?
Answer: Arnon
8. What is known as non-soil farming?
Answer: Hydroponics
9. In what color light does the process of photosynthesis stop completely?
Answer: In green
10. In the action of photosynthesis, by which carbon dioxide enters the leaves of the plant?
Answer: from the corners
11. Which substances of molecules begin the biochemical process of photosynthesis?
Answer: Chlorophyll molecules
12. What causes phylarian disease?
Answer: worm
13. What is the perfusion of direct nutritional solution on the leaves of the plant?
Answer: Folieres spray
14. What is the name of the required pigment for photosynthesis?
Answer: Chlorophyll (chlorophyll)
15. Which gas emits plants in the process of photosynthesis?
Answer: Oxygen
16. What is it that does not participate in the reaction of photosynthesis, but its presence is necessary for this reaction?
17. What is the main product in photosynthesis?
Answer: Glucose
18. What are the sub-products in the photosynthesis process?
Answer: Oxygen and Water
19. Which gases do green trees take in the process of photosynthesis?
Answer: Carbon dioxide
20. What is the process of photosynthesis?
Answer: Photochemical action

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