G.K In English 09th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Which military started the revolt of 1857?
Mangal Pandey

2. Who first sacrificed himself in the revolt of 1857?
Mangal Pandey

3. On which day was hanging Pandal Pandey?
April 8, 1857

4. Who was the governor general of India during the revolt of 1857?
Lord Canning

5. What was the failure of the 1857 movement?
Lack of central organization and lack of prior planning

6. From which place did the rebellion of 1857 begin?
From Barrackpore

7. What was the main reason for the revolt of 1857?
Use of fatty cartridges

8. What was the important feature of the revolt of 1857?
Hindu-Muslim unity
9. Who led the Kanupar of the revolt of 1857?
Tatya Tope

10. Who led the rebellion of 1857 in Lucknow?
Begum Hazrat Mahal

11. Who led the rebellion of 1857 in Bihar?
Leader kuwar singh

12. When did the leader Kumar Singh die?
May 9, 1858

13. What was the original name of Rani Lakshmibai?

14. Which Urdu poet saw the revolt of 1857?
Mirza Ghalib

15. Who called the revolt of 'conspiracy'?
James Outram & W. Taylor

16. Who created the emergency headquarters of Allahabad?
Lord Canning
17. Who was the King of Jagadishpur at the time of the rebellion of 1857?
Kunwar Singh

18. Which historian called the rebellion of 1857 as 'the first battle of independence'?
V.D. Savarkar

19. After the failure of the rebellion of 1857, which place was Bahadurshah II exiled?
In color

20. Influenced by whose gallantry, British officer Hurus said that it is the only male in Indian revolutionaries?
Laxmi Bai

21. What was the sign of Revolution of 1857?
Lotus and Roti

22. Who said that 'The revolt of 1857 is a revolution of the Indian people' to overthrow British rule?
By Karl Marx

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