G.K In English 09th  July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. In which district is the temple of JeManata?
2. Where is the backbone of the affirmative Vaishnava sect?
3. Who were the proponents of the Vallabh sect?
A. Vallabhacharya
4. Where is the peak of the Janasnathi Sect?
A. Katieasar
5. The Nimbarka community is known by other names by Nimbabarkacharya?
A. From the Swan sect
6. Who is the author of 'Belly Chrysan Rukmani Ri' book?
A. Prithviraj Rathod
Chandrabadan, the author of Prithviraj Rasu, was the ruler and emperor of which ruler?
A. Of Prithviraj Rathore of Ajmer 
8. Who was the author of the famous love story 'Dhola Mar Raha Doha'?
A. Kallol
10. Chittorgarh fort is called the pride of Rajasthan and the headmill of the strongholds, which Maurya ruler had created?
A. Chitrangand Maurya
11. What is the art of drawing from blue to pottery on ceramics?
A. Blue Pottery
12. Which city is the most famous for back painting?
A. Nathdwara
13. Which famous city is famous for making utensils by pressing and pressing the wool?
A. Tonk
14. Which village is famous for Azam print in Chittorgarh district?
A. Akola
15. Which of the cities is famous for the use of blue and red color 'Azad Print'?
A. Barmer
16. Whosanna is famous for whose mining?
A. For the black marble
17. Which tribe has the highest population of people in Rajasthan?
A. Meena
18. When did battle between Pabuji Rathod and Jindrao Duji?
A. 1266 in
19. Which monument is the monument to the Goddess, and it also contains Bismillah at its entrance?
A. Jaharpir Gogaji
20. Which ruler is Abhinav Bharatacharya?
A. Maharana Kumbha

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