G.K In English 07th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. Who is called 'Manchester of India'? - Ahmedabad
2. What is the national sport of India? - Hockey
3. What is the national flag of India? - Ashok Chakra
4. The place of worship of Lal Bahadur Shastri. - Vijay Ghat
5. Which part of our body is formed in red blood cells? - Bone marrow
6. What is the bank formed on the efforts of Lala Lajpat Rai? - Punjab National Bank
7. Which civilization was developed on the banks of the Nile? - Mixed civilization
8. Dancer Sonal Mansingh is related to which dance? - from Bharatanatyam
9. is the full name of NEFT? - National electronic trains train
10. In which paragraph of the Indian Constitution, the District Planning Committee is constituted? - Article-243
11. What was the number of members of the draft constitution of Indian Constituent Assembly? - 7
12. Where is the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research located? - Varanasi
13. Central Government has imposed cess on November 6, 2015 for 'Clean India' program. What is the rate of this cess? -0.50 percent
14. Who first gave the slogan of "Inquilab Zindabad"? - Sardar Bhagat Singh
15. Who were the discoveries of the electron? - J. J. Thomson
16. What was the 100th mission of ISRO? - P.S.L.V.
17. Who first hindered Hindu law? - Manu
18. Is the glacier a great bulk of ice? - Shadows on top of the range of Himalaya mountain range
19. The northernmost mountain ranges of the Himalayas are called. - Hemadri
20. Who gave the idea of ​​'women wither'? - Amartya Sen

21. Minimum age should be for fighting the Lok Sabha election. - 25 years
22. Whose coating is applied in non-stick frying kadahi? - Teflon
23. What should not the dehydrated person drink? - Alcohol
24. Which vitamin is found in lemon and mangoes? - Vitamin 'C'
25. Who is the supreme army commander of the Indian Army? - President

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