G.K In English 06th  July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. Which world’s creatures are Prokaryotic?
A. Monera
B. Plenty
C. Fenjai
D. Annemalia
Answer - A. Monera

2. The fishery is a bred animal
A. Jellyfish
B. Star fish
C. whale fish
D. Marine horse
Answer - D. Marine horse

3. Ribosomes are found on the surface of which?
A. Cell Art
B. cell wall
C. Internal jewelery
D. chromosomes
Answer - C. Internal jewelery

4. Which animals are only marine?
A. Peacock, Butterfly
B fish, snake
C. bee, sponge
D. Sepia, Tarameen
North - D. Sepia, Tarameen
5. Fishery is not born of class -
A. Rohu
B. Shark
C. Marine horse
D. Star Fish
Answer - D. Star Fish

6. What is the formation of energy in mitochondria?
A. A. T.P.
B. Mand
C. enzyme
Answer: A. A. T.P.

7. Who is not parasitic?
A. Planaria
B. Ent Ameba
C. velvet
D. Pin-worm
Answer - A. Planaria

8. The class of seahorse is-
A. Mammals
B. Fishery
C. Reptiles
D. Bird
Answer: A. Fishery
9. In which of the following cells, are the particles present in the cell?
A. mitochondria
B. Chloroplast
C. Lysosomes
D. ribosome
Answer - B. Chloroplast

10. The disease is symptomatic -
A. Protozoa
B. of Mollusca
C. Enelida
Of D. Pieses
Answer - B. of Molska

11. All cadets are found in -
A. External skeleton
B. Apples
C. Skull
D. axis-skeleton
Answer - D. axis-skeleton

12. The smallest cellulose found in the cell is -
A. Lysosomes
B. Stellar
C. ribosome
D. nucleus
Answer - C. Ribosomes

13. In which type of cluster are not found?
A. Fly
B. mosquito
C. star fish
D. Zonk
Answer - C. Star Fish
14. The name of the creator of 'classification science' is -
A. Lammark
B. Medal
C. Lennius
D. Darwin
Answer - C.Lennius
15. Which animal is bisexual?
A. Frog
B. earthworm
C. Cockroach
D. Ascaris
Answer - B. Earthquake

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