G.K In English 05th May 2018

D.K Chaudhary

1. Which vector of malaria disease is there? - female anopheles
2. Where is the function of fertilization? - In the vicinity
3. Is the chemical name of Vitamin E? - Tocopherol
4. Is there a study in agrostology? - Grass
5. Antibiotics Most Received? - From bacteria
6. What part of pear is eaten? - Pulpy cushion
7. A plant that gives birth to both male and female flowers? - Bisexual Petite
8. What type of eggplant is brinjal? - Solennesi
9. Is the fruit cooker hormone? - ethylin
10. What causes red rust disease in tea? - green algae
11. Foods made in plants reach through various parts of the plant by whom? - phloem
12. Are Genes Made? - of DNA
13. Does the cell provide a definite form? - Cell wall
14. Are there two components of biological environment? - Plants and animals
15. The great scientific Archimedes belonged to which country? - Germany

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