G.K In English 05th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. The highest reservation limit is in which state. - In Tamil Nadu (69)
2. When was the first announcement of emergency in India? - At the time of Chinese invasion (26 October 1962)
3. What is the first state to become the basis of language in India? - Andra Pradesh
4. In which paragraph the emergency is described. - Article 356
5. Which state was the highest emergency? - Punjab
6. Who is the captain of Rajasthan Royals? - Rahul Draveed
7. Who is the fourth richest person in the world? - Barnard Arnalt
8. What is the BJP legislator of Khanswar? - Hanuman Beniwal
9. The Chief of Naval Staff- Admiral
10. Who is the principal book writer of Raipur? - Kuldeep M. Sharma
11. How many soldiers took part in Sudarshan Shakti in Panchpadra? - 60 thousand soldiers
12. Who is the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank? - Subir Gokarn
13. Bhagwat is the founder of sect. - Vasudev
14. Where is the 17 Climate Change Conference organized? - Durban
15. Who has recently offered a 6.5 million package to Facebook? - Rohtak shoots
16. Who is the High Commissioner of Pakistan in India? - Salman Bashir
17. Who was the tomb of Akbar built? - Jahangir in Sikandra
19. Uncertainty is style. - Combination of civil and Dravid style
20. India was the first Muslim invader to attack India. - Muhammad bin Qasim (712 AD)
21. Who wrote the book-ul-Rehla (Safenama) script - Ibn Batuta
22. Prince of Pilgrims (Prince of Pilgrims) is called. - Hounsang
23. Ambassador of Seleucus who came in the court of Chandragupta Maurya.- Magnificent
24. Who gave the slogan of Hindi Hindu India - Bharatendu Harishchandra
25. Who is the Chief of Army in Indian Air Force.- Air Chief Marshal

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