G.K In English 03rd June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Which country is called the 'Birth of Cricket Game'? - to England
2. What is the weight of balls used in cricket? - 155 grams 168 grams
3. What is the perimeter of Cricket ball? - 22.7 cm from 20.79 cm
4. What is the maximum permitted length of the bat in cricket? - 38 inches
5. What is the height of the stumps from the land in cricket? - 28 inches
6. What is the length of the Cricket Pitch? - 20.12 meters
7. What rule is the basis of defeat or victory in a disrupted cricket match due to rain or low light? - Based on Duckworth-Lewis rules
8. Which year did India become the first ever ODI World Cup winner? - in 2011 AD
9. In which country is the famous venue of Cricket Sports 'Sharjah'? - in the United Arab Emirates
10. The word 'Beamer' is used in which game? - in cricket
11. What is the term 'silly point' used in the game? - in cricket
12. Whose Story Is 'Two Colors'? - Adam Gilchrist
13. 'Shane Warnes-My Top 100 Test Cricketers' is a book written by? - Shane Warne
14. Donald Bradman was the greatest player of which game? - of cricket
15. Which book of Ronald Parry describes Bradman's 'Dream Team'? - in Bradman Best
16. Mithali Raj is a famous sportsman of which game? - of cricket
17. Mathew Hayden is the cricketer of which country? - of Australia
18. Where is the 'Premadasa Stadium' related to Cricket? - in Colombo (Sri Lanka)
19. Which game is related to the Iranian trophy? - from cricket
20. 'Prudential Cup' is related to which game? - from cricket
21. 'Benson and Hedge trophy' is related to which game? - Cricket
22. Where is the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the highest body of cricket? - in Dubai
23. Poli Umrigar was a famous player of which sport? - of cricket
24. Which test series of cricket is related to Ashes Cup? - Australia-England Test Series
25. Who is the first cricketer to score double century in ODI cricket? - Sachin Tendulkar

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