DPSP & Fundamental Duties

Q.1     Separation of the judiciary from the executive has been provided in one of the following parts of the Indian constitution?

(A)      The preamble                                              (B)       the fundamental right

(C)       The directive principle of state policy   (D)      The Seventh Schedule      (SSC Grad. 2000)

Answer (C)


Q.2     Under the directive principle of state policy, up to what age of children they are expected to be provided free and compulsory education?

(A)      14 Years        (B)       15 Years

(C)       16 Years        (D)      16 Years                                            (SSC Grad. 2001)

Answer (A)


Q.3     Which part of the indian constitution deals with the directive principle of the state policy?

(A)      Part I              (B)       Part III

(C)       Part IV           (D)      Part V                                                (SSC Sec Off 2007)

Answer (C)


Q.4     The article of the constitution of india which deal with directive principle of state policy are:?

(A)      26 to 41        (B)       30 to 45

(C)       36 to 51        (D)      40 to 55                                (CDS 2005)

Answer (C)


Q.5     ‘Equal pay for equal work’ has been ensured in the Indian constitution as one of the ?

(A)      Fundamental right             (B)       Directive principle of state policy

(C)       Fundamental duties          (D)      Economic right                                (UP PCS

Main 2004)

Answer (B)


Q.6     The concept of ‘ Welfare State’ is included in which part of the Indian constitution ?

(A)      Preamble of the constitution                  (B)       The fundamental right

(C)       The directive principle of state policy   (D)      The fundamental right      (UP

PCS 2004)

Answer (C)


Q.7     ‘The directive principle of state policy is a cheque which is paid on Bank’s convenience’ who told it?

(A)      B.R. Ambedkar                    (B)       K.M. Munshi

(C)       Rajendra Prasad                 (D)      K. T. Seth                              (UP PCS Main 2007)

Answer (A)


Q.8    The directive principle of state policy are:?

(A)      Justicable      (B)       Non Justicable

(C)       Only some of the provisions are justicable

(D)      None of these                                                                                  (WB PCS Pre 2008)

Answer (B)


Q.9     The purpose of the  inclusion of directive principle of state policy in the Indian constitution is  to establish 😕

(A)      Political democracy                       (B)       Social democracy

(C)       Gandhian democracy                   (D)      Social and economic democracy           (UPSC 2002)

Answer (D)


Q.10   Which one of the following article  of the directive principles of state policy deals with the promotion of international peace and security?

(A)      41       (B)       43 A

(C)       48 A   (D)      51                                                                               (UPSC 2002)

Answer (D)

Q.11   How many fundamental duties are in the Indian constitution?

(A)      9          (B)       11

(C)       12       (D)      20                                                                   (SSC Sec. Off 2008)

Answer (B)


Q.12   By which amendment act the fundamental duties of citizen are included in Indian constitution?

(A)      42nd amendment                (B)       44th amendment

(C)       56th amendment                (D)      73rd amendment                            (TN PCS


Answer (A)


Q.13   In which of the following years the fundamental duties have been added to the existent fundamental right the constitution of india?

(A)      1965              (B)       1976

(C)       1979              (D)      1982                                                              (CDS 2009)

Answer (B)


Q.14   The 42nd amendment act has incorporated into the constitution of india a new chapter on ?                        (44th bpsc 2001)

(A)      Administration of union territories

(B)       Formation of inter state councils

(C)       Fundamental duties

(D)      None of these

Answer (C)


Q.15   By what term, The ten commandments of 42nd constitutional amendment act are called?            (45th bpsc 2002)

(A)      Fundamental rights           (B)      Fundamental duties

(C)      Panchauati Raj Principle  (D)     Directive principle of state policy

Answer (B)