Current GK In English 18th March 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1.India and the country which has agreed to release prisoners aged less than 18 years of age and women aged more than 60 with female prisoners

Ans:- – Pakistan

 2.The Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court was awarded ‘Women Power Award’ on 08 March 2018-

Ans:- Geeta mittal

 3.The Union Cabinet recently approved the signing of the Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement between India and the country-

Ans:- France

 4. The fast bowlers who did not get place in the new contract system issued by the BCCI’s Administrator Committee on 07 March 2018-

Ans:- Mohamed Shami 

5. Naveenu Rio, leader of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) in Kohima, capital of Nagaland, took the oath of Chief Minister with the cabinet ministers-

Ans:- 10

 6. The headquarters of Indian Animal Welfare Board has been shifted from Chennai to Haryana –

Ans:-  Haryana

 7. The Indian architect who was announced to give a pritzker prize to make a significant contribution in the field of architecture –

Ans:- Child Krishna Doshi 

8.The International Organization According to which Rohingya refugees are forced to forcible

Ans:- starvation – United Nations 

9. The airport which has recently been declared the best airport in the world to provide service quality –

Ans:- IGI Airport

10. Research conducted by this University found that the sun gets heat from magnetic waves only –

Ans:- Queen’s university belfast 

11. The country that decided to set the age of sex with consent to be 15 years –Ans:- France 

12. Indian Navy has started eight day joint naval maneuvers with the help of so many countries in the Andaman Islands.

Ans:- 16

 13. Recently the announcement of the first Nobel Peace Prize winner awarded to the Human Rights Reserved given by the Holocaust Museum-

Ans:- Aung San Suu Kyi 

14. Recently, the following female mountaineers were awarded the Kalpana Chawla Award by the Haryana Government-

Ans:- Anita Kundu 

15. The country which will help around 1 billion rupees for the reconstruction of nearly 50,000 houses damaged in the earthquake of 2015

Ans:- India 

16. The High Court has rejected the plea of ​​Reliance Communications (RCom) challenging the order of the arbitration tribunal-

Ans:- Bombay high court 

17. The all-rounder became the third Indian player to score 50 sixes in international T20 cricket against Bangladesh in the second match of the triangular T-20 series-

Ans:- Suresh Raina 

18. Despite the imposition of Emergency in Sri Lanka, after the attacks on Muslims, President Mittal Sirisena has removed Prime Minister Ranil Vikramasinghe as the minister.

Ans:- Law minister 

19. The Central Government has given relief to the telecom companies by extending the spectrum payment period from the present 10 years to the year-

Ans:- 16 years 

20. The portal, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Minister, Giriraj Singh, launched on 08 March 2018 to encourage women entrepreneurs-

Ans:- Enterprises 

21. Recently, the two ministers of the party Ashok Gajapati Raju and YS Chaudhary handed over the resignation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi-

Ans:- TDP 

22. The name of the Rajnagar archers in the Asia Cup archery which got the gold medal-

Ans:- Blonde

 23. Name the President of France who are coming to India for the first time-

Ans:- Emmanuel Macroon 

24. As per the number of Asiatic Lions found in Gir National Park, their number has been found –

Ans:- 600 

25. The party whose MPs recently announced to resign from Andhra Pradesh cabinet –

Ans:- Telugu Desam Party                  


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