Current Affairs in Hindi 20th March 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1.  Which international organization has recently named GST system in India as one of the most complex tax regimes in the world? – world Bank

 2.  Which assembly passed a bill unanimously on March 15, 2018, under which there is a provision of capital punishment for the accused of rape with girls of 12 years and under? – Haryana

 3.  Global Talent Competitiveness Index are the top 3 places in 2018 countries – Switzerland, Singapore, USA

 4. Which country’s team won the Visakhapatnam World Cup Cricket Tournament 2018 title? – India

 5. Which country has signed ‘anti-terrorism initiative’ with India? – USA 

6. How many indicators have been used in the ‘Global Democracy Index’? – Five 

7. Environment Performance Index (EPI) In 2018, which place was given India in the list of 180 countries?- 177th  

8. Which movie was given for the Best Motion Picture (Drama) award in the 75th Golden Globe Awards? – Three billboards 

9. Which country’s scientists have claimed the success of building ‘skeletal cell’? – USA 

10. Who was declared ‘Best Film’ under the 63rd Filmfare Awards? – Hindi Medium 

11. Which of the great physicists who passed away about Black Hole and Bing Bang Theory passed away? – Professor Stephen Hawking 

12. Who is the Chancellor of Germany for the fourth time in a row? – Angela Merkel 

13. Which all-rounder became the third Indian player to score 50 sixes in international T20 cricket against Bangladesh in the second match of the triangular T-20 series? – Suresh Raina 

14. Wisden has recently chosen the best cricketer of the year? – Keel Rahul 

15. Which country has won the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup title in Malaysia? – Australia 

16. Which government document has made mandatory for the bank loan of Rs. 50 crores or more? – Passport 

17. Recently, the Indian Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Board (IBBI) signed MoU with which government organization? – Reserve Bank of India 

18. How much time has the Central Government grant the extension of spectrum payment from the present 10 years to the relief of telecom companies? – 16 years 

19. Which country has passed the Sikh Marriage Regulation Bill by voice vote? – Pakistan 

20. Recently, two ministers of the Kis Party, Ashok Gajapati Raju and YS Chaudhary handed over the resignation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi? – TDP 

21. Which country recently decided to expel Russia’s 23 diplomats? – Britain 

22. What is the name of the French President who first visited India? – Emmanuel Macroon 

23. How many have been found in the number of Asiatic Lions found in Gir National Park? – 600 

24. Where is the first summit of the International Solar Coalition organized? – new Delhi 

25. Which country’s parliament has ended the presidential term on 11 March 2018, taking a historic decision? – China

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