Polity Quiz 10th Fab 2017

By: D.K Choudhary
 What is the quorum required for sitting for lok Sabha. – 1/10 of the total members of lok Sabha.
 How many members are required to complete a quorum for sitting of lok sabha. — 1/10 of the total member of the houses.
 Who presides over the joint session of the houses of parliament?The Speaker of Lok Sabha
 Who certifies a bill to be a money bill in lok sabha? – The presiding Officer.
 If the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha Want to resign he will address his resignation to : – The presiding officer
 Who nominates the persons to parliamentary delegation to be sent to foreign countries? – The speaker of Lok Sabha.
 When the speaker can cast his voice.
– When there is Tie.
 What is the minimum age prescribed to candidature Lok Sabha Election.? – 25 years.
 Who can cast a decisive vote when there is a tie. – The Speaker of Lok Sabha.
 What is function of protem speaker? – To administer both to members and to discharge functions as speaker till new one Is not elected.
 When both the speaker and the Deputy Speaker is absent, who preside over the meetings of Lok Sabha. – Any member from panel of chainpersons as constituted by the speaker.
 What is the maximum duration of Zero hour ? – One Hour.
 In a particular, how many stamed question can be asked in Lok Sabha? – 20.
 What is the maximum strength of the elected members of Lok Sabha? -550.
 When “Zero Hour” was instituted in parliamentary affairs in India? -1962.
 For, how many times the period of Lok Sabha has been extended to Six years? -Once in (1976)
 According to constitution, where no confidence motion can be introduced? -Only in Lok Sabha.

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