G.K Quiz 10 September 2016 (English)

G.K Quiz 10 September 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q 1. Plains formed by Aeolian deposits are called ?

(a) Loess plains             (b) Till plains

(c) sandy plains            (d) flood plains

Ans. (a)

Q 2. Peneplains are formed by ?

(a) Denudation by river

(b) Denudation by glacier

(c) Depostion by winds

(d) Deposition by glacier

Ans. (a)

Q  3. Pediplains occur in ?

(a) Glaciated regions   (b) Humid regions

(c) Semi-arid regions   (d) Coastal rigions

Ans. (c)

Q  4. Thrust fault is caused by ?

(a) Upheaval                 (b) Downwards movement

(c) Cyclonic folding      (d) Upwards movement

Ans. (d)

Q  5. Give the name of the up folded rock ?

(a) Syncline                    (b) Rift Valley

(c) Fault                          (d) Anticline

Ans. (a)



Q  6. Rift valleys are formed due to ?

(a) Folding                     (b) Faulting

(c) Volcanic action       (d) Dyke rocks

Ans. (a)

Q  7. Sedimentary rocks are also called as ?

(a) Intrusive                  (b) Extrusive

(c) Plutonic                    (d) Dyke rocks

Ans. (b)

Q  8. Find the odd one ?

(a) Marble                     (b) Chalk

(c) Limestone                (d) Slaked lime

Ans. (a)

Q  9. Land jutting out into the sea is called ?

(a) Isthums                    (b) Island

(c) strait                         (d) Peninsula

Ans. (d)


Q  10. Which of the following geomorphical pairs is not correct ?

(a) Cirque-Glacier         (b) Tombolo-Wave

(c) Delta-River              (d) Sinkholes-Wind

Ans. (d)

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