जीके क्विज 22वीं सितंबर 2016 (English)

जीके क्विज 22वीं सितंबर 2016 (English)

द्वारा: डीके चौधरी

Q 1. Which from the following is a land-locked sea ?

(a) Red Sea                            (b) Timor Sea

(c) North Sead                      (d) Aral Sea

Ans. (d)

Q 2. The island of Seychelles are located in the ?

(a) Arctic Ocean                   (b) Atlantic Ocean

(c) Indian Ocean                   (d) Pacific Ocean

Ans. (c)

Q 3. Whch one of the following countries does not border the Caspian sea ?

(a) Armenia                           (b) Azerbaijan

(c) Kazakhstan                      (d) Turkmenistan

Ans. (a)

Q 4. The highest lake above the sea level in the world is

(a) lake Avernus                   (b) lake Tanzania

(c) lake Toba                         (d) lake Titicaca

Ans. (d)

Q 5. The world’s largest lake is ?

(a) Lake Victoria                   (b) Lake Superior

(c) Caspian Sea                     (d) Black Sea

Ans. (c)


Q 6. The largest lake in Africa is ?

(a) Lake Victoria                   (b) Lake Malawi

(c) Lake Tanganyika             (d) Lake Chad

Ans. (a)

Q 7. An oxe-bow lake is a ?

(a) lake formed behind an off-shore bar

(b) lake occupying a volcanic crater

(c) lake formed due to cut off meander

(d) lake occupying a hollow scooped by a glacier

Ans. (c)

Q 8. Which is the largest fresh water lake in the world ?

(a) Lake Tanganyika             (b) Lake Superior

(c) Lake Baikal                       (d) Lake Michigan

Ans. (b)

Q 9. Which of the following is a deepest lake ?

(a) Lake Victoria                   (b) Caspian sea

(c) Lake Superior                  (d) Lake Baikal

Ans. (d)

Q 10. Which of the following is the largest irrigation canal of the world ?

(a) Panama Canal                (b) Sirhind Canal

(c) Suez Canal                       (d) Indira Gandhi Canal

Ans. (d)

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