जीके क्विज 20वीं सितंबर 2016 (English)

जीके क्विज 20वीं सितंबर 2016 (English)

द्वारा: डीके चौधरी

Q 1.  Pelagic deposits are in the form of liquid mud known as ooze. They occur ?

(a) on the deep ocean floor

(b) off large river months

(c) none of the above

(d)on the floor of enclosed sea

Ans. (a)

Q 2. Benthos is the name given to a those organisms which live ?

(a) at the bottom of the ocean

(b) in enclosed sea

(c) along the shore.

(d) in the upper layers of ocean

Ans. (a)


Q 3. Abundant organic life is present in ?

(a) Shallow seas adjoining the shore

(b) on the deep ocean floor

(c) zone of upwelling of cold water

(d) tropical parts of ocean

Ans. (c)

Q 4. Oozes are associated with ?

(a) terrigenous deposits     (b) volcanic deposits

(c) pelagic deposits              (d) coral reefs

Ans. (c)

Q 5. An algae type ocean deposit is ?

(a) Neritic remains               (b) Diatom Ooze

(c) Pteropod Ooze               (d) Pelagic deposits

Ans. (d)

Q 6. Radiolarian oozes occur in the depths of ?

(a) 600 to 1200 fathoms    (b) 1500 to 2000 fathoms

(c) 2000 to 5000 fathoms  (d) 5000 to 6000 fathoms

Ans. (c)

Q 7. Which one of the following plate movements is responsible for the formation of mid-ocean ridge ?

(a) Divergent movement    (b) Convergent movement

(c) Parallel movement        (d) Transform fault movement

Ans. (a)

Q 8. Name the Continents that form a mirror image of each other ?

(a) North American and South America

(b) Asia and Africa

(c) Africa and South America

(d) Europe and Asia

Ans. (c)

Q 9. Which one among the following is a sea without having a coastline ?

(a) North sea                         (b) Sargasso sea

(c) Baltic sea                         (d) Bering sea

Ans. (b)

Q 10. Which one of the following countries does not border Mediterranean Sea ?

(a) Malta                                (b) Libya

(c) Italy                                   (d) Bulgaria

Ans. (d)

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