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Polity Quiz in English 23rd April  2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1      Rajya Sabha being a permanent house? (SSC 1999)

(1)           one- third of its members retire every two years.

(2)           one- half of its members retire every three years.

(3)           one- fifth of its members retire every years.

(4)           one- sixth  of its members retire every years.

Answer (1)


Q.2      The joint session of both the houses of parliament is summoned by? (SSC CGL 1999)

(1)           Speaker of the Lok Sabha                 (2)           President

(3)           Prime Minister                                                     (4)           Chairman of Rajya Sabha

Answer (2)


Q.3      The president of India can nominate how many members from the Anglo-Indian community to the Lok Sabha? (SSC 1999)

(1)           4                              (2)           2                              (3)           Any number                         (4)           only one

Answer (2)


Q.4      Who is the referred to as the Supreme Commander of Forces in India? (SSC 2000)

(1)           General of the Army                           (2)           Defense Minister

(3)           President                                                              (4)           Field Marshal

Answer (3)


Q.5      Which item out of the following is contained in the concurrent List? (SSC 2000)

(1)           Trade Unions                        (2)           Agriculture

(3)           Tolls                                                       (4)           Markets and fairs

Answer (1)


Q.6      The Residuary powers of the Indian Union are? (SSC 2000)

(1)           Vested with the Centre                                     (2)           Vested with the States

(3)           There are no residuary powers                     

(4)           They are distributed between the centre and the State

Answer (1)


Q.7      The Maximum number of nominated members to the rajya Sabha are? (SSC 2000)

(1)           10                            (2)           12                            (3)           14                            (4)           15

Answer (2)


Q.8      One-Third of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire? (SSC 2000)

(1)           Every year                                             (2)           Every two year

(3)           Every Three year                 (4)           Every Four year

Answer (2)


Q.9      The Vice-President of India can be removed by the? (SSC 2000)

(1)           President on the advice of council of minister

(2)           Lok Sabha with the consent of the President

(3)           Rajya Sabha with the concurrence of Lok Sabha

(4)           Rajya Sabha with the concurrence of President

Answer (3)


Q.10      A mid term poll is conducted when? (SSC 2000)

(1)           The Lok Sabha is dissolved before completion of its term

(2)           An elected member resigns from his seat

(3)           There are discrepancies in voting

(4)           All MP’s of t political party resign

Answer (1)

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