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Polity Quiz 19th Fab 2017

By: D.K Choudhary
 Which type of institution the election Commission India is : A Constitutional Body.
 What is the term of the office of the Chief election commissioner of india. – 6 years or till arraignment of 65 years of age whichever is earlier.
 How many election commission are there apart from chief election commissioner of india – Two.
 Who was the first chief election commissioner of india. – Sukumar Sen.
 In india, at least how many votes needs to be secured to be recognized as a national party? -4% Of the total valid votes in 4 or more states.
 Which political party was denied the status of national party initially but later recognisation was granted by the election commission of india. – – Communist party of india (Marxist).
 If the election commission is satisfied that a candidate without giving adequate reason, has not submitted within prescribed time and prescribed manner the accounts of expenditure on election the election commission can declare him disqualified to be a member or to hold his office as member for which period from the date order? – 5 Years.
 The chief election commissioner is eligible to draw a salary as drawn by a judge of the supreme court. – – True.
 The chief election commissioner can not be removed from his office except in the same manner as a judge of the supreme court. –True.

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