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Polity Quiz 15th Oct 2018 In English

Q.1      In the parliamentary from of Government “He is the first among equal” Who is he?

(SSC 2009)

(1)          President                                           

(2)          Prime Minister

(3)          Leader of opposition    

(4)          Speaker of lower house

Answer (2)


Q.2    The chairman  of the public accounts committee in the indian parliament is? (SSC 2010)

(1)          The leader of opposition party                 

(2)          The speaker of Lok sabha

(3)          The Deputy of Lok Sabha                             

(4)          The chairman of Rajya Sabha

Answer (1)


Q.3 What should be the gap between first no-confidence motion and second no-confidence motion?(SSC 2010)

(1)          2 months                            

(2)          3 months

(3)          6 months                            

(4)          9 months

Answer (3)


Q.4    Which one of the following appointments is not within the purview of the president of India? (SSC 2010)

(1)          Chief justice of India                     

(2)          Chairman of finance commission

(3)          Chief of army staff                                         

(4)          Speaker of Lok sabha

Answer (4)


Q.5    The expenditure made on which of the following does not require budgetary approval every year in India? (SSC 2010)

(1)          Defence                              

(2)          Natural calamities

(3)          Consolidate fund            

(4)          Contingency fund

Answer (2)


Q.6 How many persons can be nominated by the president to the Rajya Sabha from among those who have distinguished them selves in art, literature, social service, etc.?

(SSC 2010)

(1)          4                             

(2)          8

(3)          12                          

(4)          None of these

Answer (3)


Q.7 In which of the parliamentary financial committees is the Rajya Sabha not represented? (SSC 2010)

(1)          Public accounts committee                        

(2)          Estimates committee

(3)          Committee on public undertaking          

(4)          Expenditure committee

Answer (2)


Q.8 The member of Rajya sabha are elected for a term of? (SSC 2010)

(1)          2 years                                 

(2)          4 years

(3)          5 year                                                   

(4)          6 years

Answer (4)

Q.9    Which of the following does not come under legislative control over administration?

(SSC 2010)

(1)          Zero hour                           

(2)          Adjournment motion

(3)          Budget session

(4)          Formulation of a bill.

Answer (3)

Q.10 From which fund can the unanticipated expenditure be met without the prior approval of the parliament? (SSC 2010)

(1)          Consolidated fund of India.       

(2)          Contingency fund of India.

(3)          Vote on Account                                             

(4)          From the treasury

Answer (2)

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