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Polity Quiz 12th Fab 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1     How does the constitution of india describe india as ?

(A)      A federation of states and Union Territories  (B)       A Union of State

(C)       Bharatvarsh                         (D)     A federated Union                         (SSC Grad. 2000)

Answer (B)


Q.2     Which commission made the recommendations which formed the basis for the Punjab reorganization act which created the states Punjab and Haryana?

(A)      Dhar Commission   (B)       Dass Commission

(C)       Shah Commission   (D)      Mahajan Commission                                           (SSC Grad. 2002)

Answer (C)


Q.3     Article 1 of the constitution of india declares india as—

(A)      Federal state            (B)       Quasi-Federal state

(C)       Unitary state            (D)      Union of state                                             (UP PCS Pre. 2008)

Answer (D)


Q.4     The no. of union territories on india is ?

(A)      5          (B)       6

(C)       7          (D)      9                                                                                  (SSC Mat. 2008)

Answer (C)


Q.5     Of the following the town does not come within the national capital region (NCR) is ?

(A)      Panipat          (B)       Rohtak

(C)       Khurja           (D)      Mathura                                                       (SSC Grad. 2008)

Answer (D)


Q.6     Which of the following state is a member of the ‘seven Sisters’ ?

(A)      West Bengal (B)       Tripura

(C)       Orissa            (D)      Bihar                                                              (SSC Tax Asst.2008)

Answer (B)


Q.7     Sikkim was made an integral part of india under the ?

(A)      36th Amendment    (B)       39th Amendment

(C)       40th Amendment    (D)      42nd Amendment                           (UP PCS Main.2008)

Answer (A)


Q.8     Among the following states, which one was formed last?

(A)      Andhra Pradesh     (B)       Gujarat

(C)       Karnnataka              (D)      Punjab                                               (CDS 2006)

Answer (C)


Q.9     Which one of the following is the first state to have been formed on linguistic basis ?

(A)      Andhra Pradesh     (B)       Gujarat

(C)       Karnnataka              (D)      Punjab                                               (CDS 2006)

Answer (A)


Q.10   What is the correct chronological  order in which the following states of the indianunion were created or granted full statehood ?

  1. Andhra Pradesh 2.Maharashtra
  2. Nagaland 4. Haryana

(A)1,2,3,4                             (B) 2,1,3,4

(C) 4,3,2,1                            (D) 2,1,4,3

Answer (A)

Q.11   The power to curve out a new state is vested in ?

(A)      The Parliament       (B)       The President

(C)       The Council of Ministers   (D)      State’s Reorganizations commission (UP PCS Main 2008)

Answer (A)


Q.12   Andhra Pradesh was created as a linguistic state in?

(A)      1950              (B)       1953

(C)       1956              (D)      1961                                                              (UP PCS Main. 2009)

Answer (B)


Q.13   ‘Uttarakhand’ state came into existence on ?

(A)      1, November 2000                        (B)       9, November 2000

(C)       10, November 2001          (D)      1, January 2008                             (Utt. PCS Pre 2006)

Answer (B)


Q.14   Which of the following is not a union territory?

(A)      Goa                                        (B)       Lakshadweep

(C)       Dadar and Nagar Haveli   (D)      Chandigarh                                      (MP PCS Pre. 2010)

Answer (A)


Q.15   In which year was the state of jharkhand  formed ?

(A)      1998              (B)       1999

(C)       2000              (D)      2001                                                              (RTS 2003)

Answer (C)

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