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G.K. Quiz 4th Sep 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. The light is made up of small particles, which is called? - Photon
2. How does the astronaut look like the outer sky? - Black
3. The bar of the barometer displays a sudden fall - the storm and the storm
4. M.K.S. Method is the alphabet - Kulom
5. Who is called the hydrostatic fluid - glass (glass)
6. Sulfuric acid is anhydride - SO₃
7. Mercury is easily obtained - from cinebar
8. Clouds float in the atmosphere - due to low density
9. Light is the wave - electromagnetic transverse waves
10. The most consumed gas occurs during respiration - nitrogen
11. The planet's closest planet is - Venus
12. Why does the sun appear in red when it is gone? - Dispersion
13. Quasiochor disease is caused by its deficiency - Protein
14. Sexually Transmitted Disease - AIDS
15. Due to its vulnerability, goose disease is caused - Thyroxine gland
16. Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon
17. The image formed by a plane mirror is - virtual
18. The boiling point of heavy water is - 101.4
19. The shape of the nucleus is - 10 ¹⁵ m.
20. For a normal person, there is a minimum distance of clear vision - 25 cm
21. 'The power of the inner energy heat of a gas is a function' - Whose statement is this - the rule of Charles
22. What is the electrolyte in the voltaic cell - sulfur acid
23. Hexa blades are made of - high carbon steel
24. 'Elabica' is a type of - the flower
25. What is the best source of 'Vitamin C'? - Gooseberry


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