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G.K. Quiz 2nd Sep 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. What is the meaning of the word 'Arya' - superior or noble
2. What was the language of Aryans - Sanskrit
3. What was the main occupation of Aryans - animal husbandry and agriculture
4. What is the first time Aryans discovered - iron
5. What was said to the anti-Vedic and anti-Brahmins religious teachers in the Vedic period - Shramana
6. What is the important part of Vedic Mathematics?
7. What is the number of Vedas - 4
8. What is the oldest Vedas?
9. Which Vedas have knowledge about Vedic culture - by R Gwad
10. The word 'Satya-Meva-jayate' written in the Raj Chitra of India has been taken from the Upanishad - Mundak Upanishad
11. What is the Vedas of Indian music?
12. Who is the first method producer - Manu
13. Who created the creation of 'Manusmriti' - Manu
14. What is the first and foremost book of Krishna Bhakti - Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta
15. What is the main form of property in Ru Gwad- Go Dhan
16. The name of the Shudras in the first division is found in Rishabhdev - 10th
17. Number of Puranas - 18
18. The main symptom of Vedic religion was to worship - nature
19. The word Purandar has been used for Ris Gwad for which god - for Indra
20. 'Shulwa Sutra' is related to the topic - from geometry
21. Where is 'ma sajgamya' taken from?
22. Where Aryan was first settled from outside - in Punjab
23. Which division of R Gwad is completely dedicated to Som - 9th Division
24. The famous war of ten kings' Dusraj war on which river - on Paruni river
25. What is the rate of land revenue in religious texts- 1/6

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