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G.K Quiz 21st Sep 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. This town was formerly known as 'Dharmari or Dhameri'.
(a) Dharmapur             (b) Noorpur
(c) Nalagarh              (d) Dattarpur
(Ans: b)

2. Razzling or gossiping practice is related-
(a) Marriage tradition                (b) By way of farming
(c) Art of War (Traditional)          (d) in the manner of traditional worship
(Ans: d)

3. 2011-According to the census, ... Is the female literacy rate lowest in the district?
(a) Sermour                 (b) Kinnaur
(c) Chamba                  (d) Kullu
(Ans: c)

4. Is 'Bukkhoh Cantonment Board' located in ......... district?
(a) Solan                      (b) Shimla
(c) Kangra                     (d) Chamba
(Ans: d)
5. Pubar .......... Known as the tributary of the river?
(a) Ravi                    (b) Yamuna
(c) Sutlej                  (d) Beas
(Ans: b)

6. Famous city named after Mushroom City .......... is.
(a) Shimla                    (b) Nahan
(c) solan                     (d) kullu
(Ans: c)

7. In ginger production .......... District is top in Himachal Pradesh.
(a) Chamba                (b) Kinnaur
(c) Kullu                 (d) Sirmaur
(Ans: d)
8. Which of the following places is not connected to the railway line?
(a) Jogind Nagar         (b) Una
(c) bulgana              (d) palampur
(Ans: c)

9. In which district Gompa is situated?
(a) Kinnaur             (b) Lahoul-Spiti
(c) Kullu               (d) Kagada
(Ans: b)

10. Sarkaghat subdivision .......... Is located in the district.
(a) Solan               (b) Bilaspur
(c) Market              (d) Shimla
(Ans: c)
11. What is the largest hydropower project in Himachal Pradesh?
(a) Nathappa Jhakri              (b) Parvati
(c) Chamera-Phase II             (d) Larji
(Ans: a)

12. Which of the following is not a cement industry?
(a) Bermana              (b) Dadlaghat
(c) Rajban               (d) maitapur
(Ans: d)
13. Meetings of Chandra and Bhaga river at a place called Tangli .......... The river comes into existence.
(a) Yamuna              (b) Ravi
(c) Beas                (d) Chenab
(Ans: d)
14. Out of the following .......... Lake Lahoul-Spiti is not located in the district.
(a) Lama                  (b) Chandratal
(c) Surajal               (d) Pillars
(Ans: d)

15. The famous tourist spot Kalpota is situated in this district?
(a) Chamba               (b) Kullu
(c) Kangra               (d) Shimla
(Ans: a)

16. Which ancient kingdom was established by a ruler named Bignamipal?
(a) Chamba            (b) Sukta
(c) Kullu             (d) Kahlur
(Ans: b)
17. Name of festival / celebration of celebration as the beginning of the new year .......... is.
(a) Fagly              (b) Flutech
(c) Locality           (d) Visit
(Ans: c)

18. The famous 'Sun temple' of Himachal Pradesh .......... situated at.
(a) Kangra            (b) Neerath
(c) Taxes             (d) Suzannepur
(Ans: a)

19. Total Lok Sabha constituency in Himachal Pradesh .......... Are there.
(a) 3                  (b) 4
(c) 12                 (d) 68
(Ans: b)
20. Governor of Himachal Pradesh Shri .......... Were.
(a) Lieutenant General MS Himmat Singh          (b) RKS Gandhi
(c) S Chakravarti                               (d) Hamidullahah Beg
(Ans: c)


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