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G.K Quiz 10th Oct 2018 In English

D.K. Choudhary
1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the State Conference on October 7, 2018- Uttarakhand
2. He has recently sworn in as the 114th Judge of the U.S. Supreme Court - Brett Kavanah
3. The state where prison administration has provided facilities for the first time inmates 
to make video calls to their families and relatives - Maharashtra
4. The Home Ministry has approved the new battalions of Rapid Action Force - Five
5. The place where India's first Dolphin Research Center will be established - Patna
6. The area where Alphonso mangoes were recently given GI tag - Konkan
7. International organization which issued the Future of Work in India report - World Economic Forum
8. India and the bilateral marine maneuvers (JIMX) between the country which started in 
Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh on October 07, 2018 - Japan
9. Between the trade war with the US, China's central bank 'People's Bank of China' (PBOC) 
has announced the percentage reduction in CRR (CRR in India) from October 15 this year-1 percent
10.According to the World Bank report, India's economic growth is strengthening and it is expected to 
grow 7.3 percent in the current financial year and reach its percentage in the next two financial 
years -7.5 percent
11.World champion India defeated the country by 144 runs and won the U-19 Asia Cup for the sixth time 
- Sri Lanka
12.NASA has temporarily stopped a computer from the Curiosity Rover located on the planet due to technical 
reasons, so that science and engineering data can be re-collected from this computer inactive on 
September 15 - Mars

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