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G.K Quiz 06 Nov 2018 In English

What is the difference between the local time of two places in crossing a rule? - 4 minutes
How many centigrade temperatures increase in 32 meters per depth of Earth? - 1 degree centigrade

Which is the highest mountain in the world on the basis of Sagara Nitil? - Maunaki Mountains (Hawaii Island)

Which is the world's lowest lake? - Dead Sea (2500 feet below sea level)
When there is a tide and a reflux in one place, then what is it called, it is important that there is a 24-hour 52-minute difference in these tides? - Daily tide

Which is the largest island of Asia - Borneo

Where is the 'Rourkela Steel Plant' located in India's leading iron-steel center? - Sundergarh (Odisha)

What is the first tiger reserve of India? - Carbet National Park (Nainital, Uttarakhand)

On which river is the Birasappa waterfall (on the Shivshamudram) located on the plateau of Mysore? - Kaveri.
How many states undergo cancerous line on the globe? - 8 eight)

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