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G.K In English 15th July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. Whom was Bismarck most afraid of - from France
2. Who called Bismarck Bazigar: William I
3. When and where was Hitler born - April 20, 1889, in Brno
4. When and when did the National Socialist German Workers Party be formed? 1920 AD, Hitler
5. What other is known as the National Socialist German Workers Party - Nazi Party
6. Who said England was the 'land of banian' - Napoleon did
7. Who are the writers of 'Rights of Man' - Tomas Pen
8. Who created the 'Mother' - Mexico Goki
9. When did 'the war of roses' - October 21, 1805 AD
10. When MagnaCarta was announced - 1215 AD
11. National Day is celebrated in France - on 14th July
12. In which crime Louis XVI was hanged - in the crime of rebellion
13. What is the name of Hitler's autobiography - My struggle (My Struggle)
14. When the German Security Council was established - on April 4, 1933 AD
15. Who gave this slogan 'A nation, a leader' - Hitler

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