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G.K In English 13th June 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Question 1. Koyna dam is located-
Answer: Maharashtra

Question 2. Paddy crop is cut-
Answer: In early November

Question 3. The glacier is a huge body of ice-
North - Himalaya Mountains are shadowed on top of the range

Question 4. Which is a transmitted shell?
Answer: Marble

Question 5. The complete form of the SAARC is-
North - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

Q 6. When is the highest height-
Answer: When the Sun and Moon are on the same side of the Earth
Question 7. Which state is not part of India's Great Peninsular Plateau?
North - Madhya Pradesh

Question 8. Khaibar Pass is located-
North - Between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Question 9. Which river does not come from the peninsular plateau
Answer: Yamuna

Question 10. Which city is situated on the banks of Ganges
North - Kanpur

Question 11. India is a secular country. It means-
Answer: India has no religion at any state level

Question 12.National Highways add.
Reply - to business centers and state capitals

Question 13. Which city is famous for the production of grapes?
Answer: Nashik

Question 14. Who discovered the sea route coming to India?
Answer - Vasco-da-Gama

Question 15. The route between the two continents was reduced by the opening of the Suez Canal
North - Europe to Asia and East Africa

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