G.K In English 14th May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q1: -Which Sikh Guru hanged Aurangzeb?
Answer: - Guru Teghbahadur

Q2: With regard to which emperor, the information is received from the Mehrauli Records?
Answer:-Chandragupta II

Q3: Foreign traveler Ibn Batuta came to India during whose reign?
Answer: During the reign of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

Q.4: Where were the rulers of Kharavel?
Answer: -Calling

Q.5: - Which ruler of Delhi considered himself a Khalifa?
Answer: -Kutubuddin Mubarak Shah Khaliji

Q.6: - When was the fundamental duty of citizens of India added to the Constitution?
Answer: -1976 AD
Q.7: Who is the Sangh Parishad responsible for?
Answer: - Lok Sabha

Q.8: In which state was the announcement of President's rule?
Answer: -In Kerala

Q.9: Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha?
Answer: -G V. Mavlankar

Q10: Which constitutional amendment is called 'Short Constitution'?
Answer: -42nd Constitution Amendment Act

Q.16 - Which part of the body is called a blood bank?
Answer: -Plain

Q12: Which axis of the planet is tilted like the axis of the earth?
Answer: -The planet

Q13: What is the main component of the skin?
Answer: -Coljan
Q14: What is the 'air bag' for the safety of drivers?
Answer: -Sodium AZIDE

Q.15: What is the substance used for natural rain?
Answer: -Silver iodite

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